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Dalsland is also called small Sweden because Dalsland has all the landscape features that the country encompasses. A little bit of forest, a little bit of farming, a little bit of mountains, a bit of high plains, lots of lakes, a little bit of coast and a number of pleasant places. And a large number of marked hiking trails! In short, a perfect hikingspot to explore Sweden.


Where the asphalt turns into a forest road, is this tough HikingLodge. Located next to the forest and against a ridge, the roe deer often strolls curiously through the garden and the yard. Centrally located in Dalsland you will be in no time at the tourist hotspots such as Håverud and Bengtsfors with their aqueducts and cozy brasseries. Also  Åmål and Dals Rostock are ‘nextdoor’. Åmål with its fascinating coast with a panoramic view over plenty rocks and Dals Rostock, which borders the large nature reserve Kroppefjäll where the moose deer and even wolfs feel home.


The lodge is small and cozy with a familyroom and a friendsroom. Perfect for the tourists who love silence, space and comfort. In the garden is a nice grill place and halfway up the slope is an upper terrace, where you can relax after an intensive day.

  • Two nights stay in Friendsroom (2 persons) 1.800 kr.
  • Two nights stay in Familyroom (max. 4 persons) 3.200 kr.

See for other arrangementes https://idala-bb.se/en/program-and-prices/


The 100 km long Pilgrim Path that runs from Vänersborg to Åmål, is only ten minutes walk from the HikingLodge. When you close the front door from the lodge there are also several hikes varying in length, gravity and landscape experience. There are about twenty described hikes within a short travel distance of the lodge. These hikes – varying in length, gravity and landscape experience – are bundled in a booklet. For the group tours, there is also the option of taking a two-day canoe trip in the two-week program.

Of course there is much more to do in Dalsland than just hiking. Explore this on the website https://www.vastsverige.com/dalsland/.


Dogs and other pets are not welcome.


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