In Sweden every season has its charms. When spring starts, nature awakens from its hibernation and you can see the first wild flowers. As spring progresses, the numerous wild flowers form an exuberant palette of colors that literally brighten up the landscape. That nature awakens is also evident from the richness of flora and fauna in this sparsely populated country. Birds, wild animals such as deer, moose deer, wild pigs and even lynx and wolves comes around.  On April 30th the whole country celebrates that spring has arrived. People come together around a fire and people sing. For ornithologists, the location Yttre Bodane is a true gem for exploring and enjoying.


During summertime, the weather is pleasant for hiking. It is not too hot and the nights are cooling down compared to other European countries. The trees are full of leaves, there is a wealth of food in the forest such as berries and mushrooms. In Sweden there is everyone’s right (allemansrätten). This means that wildcamping is allowed; you can pick berries, flowers and mushrooms and make a campfire. The coast with its “smuggling paths“, panoramic views over plenty of isles and rockformations, beaches and jetties are also quite an experience in the summer months. From the beginning of June until the end of August there is live music at the Brasserie in Håverud. That can be a nice pay-off of your week or two weeks hikingtour.

Indian Summer

And then the fall: an overwhelming color display is starting in September. In the rolling landscape of Dalsland with its variety of landscapes you get a real “Indian summer experience”. You don’t have to go all the way to Canada for this. This also makes the month of September such a nice hiking month.


Of course Dalsland also has a real winter of snow and ice. Sometimes winter already starts in October and the other winter only starts in January. But this real winter offers many possibilities! There are plenty of opportunities for sledding and cross-country skiing. You can also skate at several locations on the lakes and you can of course go hiking. Open the curtains in the morning and look out at the morning sun reflecting off white snow. That makes a person happy. It invites you to go outside; nice and active in the cold winter weather knowing that a warm room with a warm bed awaits you in the HikingLodge.


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